Claims Procedures for CFIC

Livestock Claims

  1. Contact a Veterinarian to have the animal examined
  2. Have Veterinarian fax report to Canadian Farm insurance Attn: Claims adjustor at 780-733-7724
  3. Have your policy number and animal identification handy.
  4. Contact livestock claims adjustor to advise of the claim.

Office hours: 780-447-3276
fter hours emergency number: 780-349-1072
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Property Claims

  1. Contact your Broker about your loss. If the loss or damage is an emergency, you may contact your broker or the nearest Canadian Farm Insurance Corp. office to report your claim. Be sure to leave a contact name and phone number.
  2. As soon as it is safe to do so, take all necessary steps to protect your property from further damage. Payments for temporary repairs are part of the total settlement so save your receipts.
  3. Keep a record of your expenses and correspondence. Also retain copies of whatever documents and correspondence we provide to you.
  4. The adjuster may want to see any damaged items so don't destroy them until advised to do so. Make a detailed list of all damaged items including brand names and model numbers. Identify where you purchased the item and its original purchase price. The adjuster may be able to assist you in this process.
  5. Obtain detailed written repair estimates from reliable, licensed and bonded contractors.
  6. Should the damages make your residence inhabitable, save the receipts from any additional living expenses you incur while you are staying elsewhere. Your policy only considers those expenses over and above your normal expenses.

Telephone: 780-447-3276
Fax: 780-733-7724

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